This morning, a Cgil delegation is leaving for the border between Slovakia and Ukraine to deliver food aids to refugees fled from the bombs. The Collettiva's cameras will document this journey.

Rome-Vienna-Bratislava-Sobrance and return: three thousand four hundred and thirty-six kilometres. The objective is to reach the Slovak border to deliver a cargo of food aids to the Ukrainian population. Rice, cookies, long-life milk, baby foods, personal care products and basic goods for who having fled from the bombs has to survive in a new “life” as refugee or internally displaced person.

A variegated delegation, headed by the National Cgil, along with its  sectoral Trade Union Federations -  Filt Cgil, Flai Cgil, Cgil Emilia-Romagna, Cgil Lombardia, Spi Cgil Lombardia, Cgil Milano - the Ong Nexus for international cooperation and by the presence of Collettiva, the multimedia platform of Cgil, to give visibility to its contribution by heart, arms and cameras. Please, follow us in the next days on the platform and on social networks where we will document this journey undertaken into the heart of Europe.

The way towards the border area will be interspersed with different stops.  The first one will be in Vienna, where the Cgil delegation will meet the Austrian Trade Union of Ogb. Right after this meeting, the Cgil delegation will head to Bratislava for a greeting to the Slovak Trade Union of Koz. The day after – on the 30th of March – it is expected that the delegation will arrive at the humanitarian aid collective centre in Sobrance, where donation will be delivered directly to the Ukrainian Trade Union of Fpu, involved in the distribution of basic goods at the reception centres of internally displaced persons.

Our solidarity is also continuing with the subscription organised by Cgil among workers, retirees and student for humanitarian aid to the victims of war and for hosting refugees in Europe and in Italy. The funds collected will be used only for humanitarian purposes through local Trade Unions, entities and associations offering an absolute guarantee and already operating in the field of humanitarian aid.

Here is below our bank account specifically dedicated to the Cgil subscription:

IBAN: IT18Y0103003201000007777787
Entitled to: CGIL Nazionale
Payment reference: “EMERGENZA UCRAINA”